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Amsterdam Mutual Aid System


What we are

Amsterdam Mutual Aid System, AMAS for short, is a joint partnership project of Aircraft Fuel Supply, Zenith Energy, Evos Amsterdam West, Evos Amsterdam Oost, Euro Tank Amsterdam B.V. en Exolum Amsterdam B.V.. Together, these oil companies and terminals, have founded the AMAS association to be able to effectively cope with large scale fires related to their business activities.

Changing regulations in Europe and stronger safety requirements set by the Dutch government, demand a more firm approach to fire fighting and control. Large fires at oil refineries, depots for mineral oil products in and around storage tanks and so called tank fires and ‘tank pit’ fires, require fire extinguishing equipment that can be used in a flexible way. To extinguish a tank pit fire properly, the system must be moved around swiftly, in order to adapt to ever changing winds. Therefore AMAS started this initiative to jointly provide the right extinguishing equipment a few years ago and to take their corporate social responsibility on these safety issues.

To cope with large scale fires, AMAS invested in flexible fire equipment. In order to use this equipment effectively and to have firefighters available and capable to operate this new system, a public-private partnership called AYMA (Amsterdam IJmond Mutual Aid) was setup with the fire brigade in the IJmond region and with the Port of Amsterdam. Main goal of this public-private partnership is to increase safety in the Amsterdam region by bringing together the right equipment, manpower and expertise.