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Amsterdam Mutual Aid System



AYMA (Amsterdam Ymond Mutual Aid) is a public-private partnership between AMAS, responsible for the system, and the fire brigades of Amsterdam Amstelland, Amsterdam Kennemerland, Schiphol Airport (the IJmond region) and the Port of Amsterdam, responsible for the firefighters to man the system. Together the AYMA partners share their expertise in fire fighting techniques at large scale tank fires and tank pit fires.

A concrete example of the cooperation is one of the AMAS operational units that is located at Aircraft Fuel Supply at Schiphol Airport. This unit can be used by both Kennermerland and Schiphol Airport firefighters. The second operational unit is deployed in the Port Area at BP oil company and can be operated by the Amsterdam Amstelland firefighters.

When a tank fire or tank pit fire occurs in the Port Area the Chief Fire Commander of the Amsterdam Amstelland fire brigade decides to activate the AYMA partnership. When a fire occurs in the AFS region, the Chief Fire Commander of the Kennemerland Fire brigade is the one to decide on the use of AYMA.